Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sit with me for a while

So it's seems like I'm very bad at keeping up with this blog, but here's a nice little update. A couple paintings from a few semesters ago, a bit of 3D modeling, mixed with some animation tests? I'm down, how about you?

Day and night forrest scenes, with inspiration from A Midsummer Nights Dream and using the words disquiet(day) and calm(night). Acrylic paint.

3D model of a 1918 Webley and Scott No.2 Mk I Flare Gun, created in maya 2012.

Ball Bounce

Brick Drop

Sack Drop

Paper Drop

Water Balloon Drop
Walk with Overlap

Character Walk with Overlap

Sack Panomime

And that's it for now, enjoy :]