Saturday, April 14, 2012

Portfolio Revised!

Hi everyone, so here's an updated version of my portfolio.  If any of you have time to look and crit, I would be very happy.  I know the figure section is a bit crowded right now, but I plan on taking some out. Also am going to get more sketchbook stuff.  Let me know what you think! Thanks!!!! XD


  1. Is that Catherina on page 9?

    Your art looks great. Layout of the art is working really well, all the figure drawings and sketches move you around the page.

    Being picky, and this is just personal, I don't like how the page numbers move from side to side. Also on the reversal page and 113A rendering the image feels too close to the text on the footer.

    Great work Ms. Chu! You are so in. . .

  2. I think you can make things bigger on your first still life page (page 2). Pick one and enlarge it. It'll fill the frame better.

    Page 6 has 3 figures leaning right and the one farthest left leaning left. Maybe move the figure farthest left somewhere the figures leaning right so that it feels less left out.

    The top left figure on page 7 can be moved down and a little to the right. It has an uneven margin around it. Center it in correlation with the other three figures.

    I really like your cover page. And the colors are a nice personal touch. I also really like your still life pages. Putting them at the front and back is a good choice, imo. :D